How Does This Server Differ From Retail?
We have made many changes to the playstyle of FFXI to be more fitting for this day in age. The full list of core game changes is as follows:

  • EXP Rate x10.0
  • Speed Modifier: +40
  • Seconds between healing ticks: 3 (Default: 10)
  • Starting Gil: 100,000

What Jobs *DO NOT* Work?
Please do not play Puppetmaster, Runefencer or Geomancer as these are extremely buggy at the moment and will likely crash the server.

What Mobs Should I Leave Alone?
Anything that charms. This includes Pandemonium Warden, Vrtra, etc.

Which BCNM/KSNM/etc. Work?
Please refer to the official Darkstar list here .

Whats the Auction House Status?
The AH is automatically rechecked & restocked every 30 minutes, the going rate for an item can be seen in the Price History. Items posted for the going rate will be automatically purchased by the AH script.

How Can I Talk With Others?
While we do have an 'Dark-Xi' linkshell).

What Special Commands Are Available on Dark-Xi?
Given that we run a private server we have provided access to a variety of commands to help you in your time in Vana'diel.

  • @ah : Access the Auction House from anywhere!
  • @regen : Grant character Regen, Refresh & Regain.